“Arranger makes sure we have everything covered”

Kevin Moxon

Kevin Moxon Funeral Directors

What internal business challenges solved?

Being able to invoice clients more professionally, send estimates, it's a more professional means of making sure the people we deal with, such as celebrants, ministers, can have a professional confirmation letter or email. It stops things like double booking funerals, using the calendar function within Arranger, which won't let you double book clashing events.

What external factors lead you to choose Arranger?

Arranger is going to help in the future when regulation becomes part of the funeral profession, which we're all sure it will. Being very used to using funeral management software (FMS) to back up written information, I know how we need to position ourselves to be inline with our competitors, if not ahead. Having Arranger means we can send an email after booking an arrangement and already, the client can have access to every product or service we provide so they're ready to make an informed decision by the time we see them.

What is the main benefit for you and your team?

The professionalism. It makes sure we have everything covered, that we don't miss anything. We're still pen and paper, but the staff, over time are starting to use the software more and more. They're becoming used to it, they find it easy to use, which is the main thing, because the whole point of any funeral management suite is that it doesn't need to be complicated. It ticks all our boxes.

How does Arranger help you guide families through the range of options you provide?

The fact that we can email a family before the arrangement with a digital brochure means they've got access to all our products and services and packages ahead of time. The prices are there as well so they don't feel pressured to choose anything. Otherwise they'd have to make that decision while we're meeting face to face. They can see that the signature package includes embalming, a special minister, and the simple package doesn't. So they know that before they sit down and it does help.

How does Arranger help you with your business efficiency?

It means we can go back and look easily at what we've done on a case by case basis. So when we're busy we can see at a glance what's been chosen by the clients, what's been done by the staff, what still needs to be done. When we get to a quieter time it means we can go back easily and, for example, on the mortuary side it prompts us to make sure we've got the paperwork done, double check that everything for each arrangement everything is done and signed off, so no matter how busy we get, we can be sure everything is being done as it should be.

How will Arranger help you stay ahead of CMA and incoming regulation for the funeral profession?

I think, looking at what the CMA are looking at and what's going on in Scotland, it's likely that in the next few years, some part of incoming legislation will be that you have to have a system in place for tracking records and keeping digital copies of everything and Arranger is there for that.

How does it help you with coordinating resources?

The tasks that are coming up automatically, have you got the paperwork, has it been completed, has the mortuary side of it done, has the embalming been done, all of that is very helpful. We use it to double check our processes and make sure we're ticking everything off.

How do you see Arranger helping in the future?

The reason we got Arranger is because it's a handy tool for right now, but as we grow, it's going to become vital.

How does it help with coordinating the team?

I can easily print off a running order of where they need to be, what address, what time, what they need to be doing. And it's always kept up to date, automatically, so I can be sure what we're giving them is right.

How easy to use does your team find it?

Very easy to use. It's primarily myself that uses it right now, but as the staff transition over, they find it easy to use. We'll need to do another training, but they won't have any trouble picking it up.