“I’d absolutely recommend Arranger”

Richard Jenkins Jnr

Richard & Shannon Jenkins Funeral Directors

Why did you choose Arranger?

We chose Arranger to simplify the day to day running of the business. We used to use paper, it would be all over the place, when families came to arrange funerals it would take us ten minutes or more to find all of the relevant documents. We'd have to waste time and money printing off files for arrangements. With Arranger it takes seconds and we can do it all from our iPads. It simplifies everything.

What internal business challenges were you seeking to solve with Arranger?

We were wanting to have everything in one place, so we weren't chasing our tails and we could save time printing off bills to send to all of the third parties involved in a funeral service.

What is the main benefit of using Arranger for you and the team?

Our main benefit is being able to show the family what they're actually getting. Instead of running around the office, finding brochures for loads of different companies, now we can just pick up an iPad and show them everything they can choose from. We can show them the hearse, we can show them the limousine, we can show them the locations because we've got pictures of the service venues. So, they understand where they're going, what they're getting. We now provide them with service details, so when they walk out of the building they've got something to look at and share with their friends and family.

How do you find the estimate generator?

The estimate generator is brilliant. For organisations like SAIF, one of the requirements is that you give the family an accurate estimate of costs, there and then, and they need to sign it. Arranger makes that process so much easier than manually pulling every price for every element and adding it all together. This way you can just go through the arrangement, click a button and then you've got the estimate there and you can print it off and email it with the click of a button.

Would you recommend Arranger?

Absolutely. It's made the business much faster, much better, more streamlined. We all know how to use it and if there's any issues we can get online and talk to the support teams.

How does Arranger help families with the arrangement process?

If a family comes in and they're looking for a coffin, we put everything we can on Arranger, so we can actually show families what they're getting. We don't have to try to find specific brochures for certain companies, now we can put everything in Arranger and know that families are seeing everything that's on offer. I think in the past, people were sold on funerals and they didn't really know what they were getting. And when it came to it, perhaps what they saw wasn't what they expected. Now, and with Arranger, they can see everything before they make their choice.

And how do families react to it?

We tend to pick and choose, honestly, who to use Arranger with. If it's an older client, we won't instantly bring out Arranger. But, if they ask for certain things, we'll go and get the iPad and bring it out so we can show them. If it's the younger generation who expect this kind of thing, then we jump straight in.

Do you find it saves you time?

A lot of time, yes, a lot of time. When you're doing the estimates, you've either got to have it drawn up on pieces of paper and then scribbling things out, adding things to it. But now, we know exactly what we've got as we're going through it. We can print it out, show it to the family and they're happy that they've seen the estimate. It really makes life a lot easier.

How do you think Arranger will help with new legislation, such as the current Scottish code of practice?

We've been keeping an eye on that, and everything to do with transfer of care and the other tracking activities, you can do a lot of that in Arranger which solves a big worry. It's not a lot of different bits of paper, it's all in one place and digital.

There are times that something might have gone missing throughout the process, whether that's jewellery or other personal effects. It's never on our end, it almost always turns up at the hospital or hospice where it's been kept safe. But having more electronic checks and records of transfers means the family can feel reassured that their belongings are being looked after and recorded.

How do you find Arranger helps you collaborate as a team?

We're a family business and as it was, my aunty would take on the bulk of arranging, so she'd be here late into the night, catching up on accounts, doing the paperwork, filing what needed to be filed. Now, with us having Arranger, it really takes the pressure off her. Because, when we go to the finance part of it, she used to have to go through pages in a book to find all of the details of who's paid, who needs to pay. Now it takes about 30 seconds to print all of that off. It's really lightened her workload and brought us all in line.