Arranger Lite

Personalise the arrangement experience

Deliver a more personalised experience to families with a unique new way to present your products and services

  • Personalise the experience
  • Arranger Lite products and services
  • Generate estimates instantly

Why Arranger Lite?

Help families make the right decisions with a more personalised way to present your products and services using a tablet, laptop or flat screen.

Guide families step by step

Our interactive catalogue helps you guide families through their choices, step by step.

  • Create your own packages
  • Promote items and trial new products
  • Be up and running in one week

Personalise the experience

Deliver a more personalised arrangement experience to families.

  • Clear and consistent experience
  • Personalised view of products
  • Full pricing transparency

Are families sometimes overwhelmed by choice?

Organising a funeral can be a difficult and confusing experience for families. Arranger Lite simplifies the process and helps you guide clients through their choices on a tablet, laptop or flat screen.

Personalise which products you show using filters like "eco-friendly" or by searching on keywords. Track every choice made and generate estimates instantly.

Showcase products and services

Discover a unique new way to present your products and services.

  • Interactive catalogue
  • Search and find items quickly
  • Filter by categories
  • Intelligent checklist

Is your team presenting products and services consistently?

Arranger Lite provides a modern alternative to cumbersome catalogues. During arrangement meetings, you and your team can guide families through your products and services in a consistent way, on a tablet, laptop or flat screen.

Display photos, descriptions and pricing for all your products and services. With Arranger Lite, no essential products or services will be left out, as missing items are automatically flagged up.

Generate estimates instantly

Save time and avoid mistakes using our estimate generator.

  • Generate accurate estimates instantly
  • Auto-prompts ensure all costs are included
  • Print or email estimates to clients

Does your team find producing estimates time-consuming?

Arranger Lite makes it quick and easy to produce accurate estimates based on arrangement selections. Auto-prompts ensure your team select all necessary items, including disbursements such as doctor’s fees so that your estimates reflect the full cost of the funeral.

Estimates can be printed or emailed to families for approval instantly.

Create your own packages

Build flexible and fixed price packages and update your catalogue in minutes.

  • Build packages in minutes
  • Drag and drop photos
  • Add variations and ranges to pricing

Would you like to be able to create your own packages and update your catalogue in minutes?

Arranger Lite gives you the flexibility to create your own packages quickly and easily. Simply select the products and services you wish to include to build your own flexible and fixed price packages in a few easy steps.

Drag and drop photos and add variations and ranges to your pricing as required. Once ready, updates your live catalogue in seconds.

Promote items and trial new products

Promote and add trial new products quickly and easily.

  • Highlight specific products and services
  • Promote related items such as masonry
  • Add new products quickly and easily

Do you have control over which items your arrangers present?

Make sure your team highlight specific products and services. Control which products are shown first by your arrangers. Make sure that relevant related products and services such as masonry or memorialisation are highlighted as appropriate.

Trial new products and services without the wait or commitment involved in adding them to a hard copy catalogue. Simply add new products and update your catalogue in real-time.

Get up and running quickly

With the help of our onboarding team, you’ll be ready to use Arranger Lite in no time.

  • Friendly phone and online support
  • We build your catalogue for you
  • Minimal training required

Our friendly onboarding team will work with you to set up your products and services catalogue.

We have access to high quality images and pricing for the majority of funeral related suppliers and we’ll upload your images and information for you to ensure you are set up as soon as possible. And, because Arranger Lite is so easy to use, only minimal training is required before you and your team are up and running.