Are you meeting the changing expectations of the bereaved online?

As the internet becomes an almost universal part of our everyday lives, this is impacting people's behaviours in terms of what they expect from their funeral director. How can the funeral profession evolve its approach and use technology to meet client expectations now, and in the future?

People are living their lives online more than ever before. Most recently, the largest jump in internet use,  according to research by the ONS was seen in the 65+ age group who are now using smartphones and tablets to access the internet in record numbers. Older generations are now catching up with younger age groups, with internet use among the 65 to 74 age group showing an increase from 52% in 2011 to 80% in 2018. 

As online behaviour is changing for all ages and demographics, consumer expectations are now higher and people are more tech savvy. Funeral directors need to consider how they should adapt to meet the evolving behaviours and expectations of their customers. 

Here’s some advice on how to ensure your service stands out online:

Provide access anywhere: Ensure your service is available online and through any digital device. This is now an essential aspect to the online experience and the bereaved will be expecting your site to work well on mobile and tablets.

Provide choice: Display your full range of products and services online as well as transparency on pricing. Provide an easy way for the bereaved to browse your product catalogue online as it will help guide your clients through their choices.

Offer convenience: Keep everything in one online place so customers can find the information they need quickly and easily. The bereaved will be in a vulnerable position and giving them time to think about the relevant funeral options will be of comfort. 

Offer personalisation: Think about how you can offer the bereaved a way to customise your funeral package online to suit their needs and look at how you can use personalised email templates for your online communications. 

Data security: Are you thinking about the security of your customer data both online and offline? What would happen if there was a fire at your premises? How do you back up your data and keep it stored securely? Consider cloud based alternatives as a way of modernising your business.

For funeral directors, the right technology can help to provide a service which meets customer expectations as well as supporting you in providing the very best service. Arranger, software for funeral directors, displays your full range of products and services in one place, and helps guide your clients through their choices, step by step.