During the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you deliver a personal service remotely?

One of the most important and valuable services a funeral director provides to bereaved families is simply being there for them when they need it the most. This means that arrangement meetings, where families will often meet their funeral director for the first time, are a hugely significant touchstone.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic presents a new set of challenges for funeral directors. With social distancing measures now in place to protect the vulnerable people in society, many will wonder how to keep delivering a personal service while staying safe by working remotely. 

One solution is to begin holding arrangement meetings remotely, either by phone or video messaging platforms. But how can you provide a similar arrangement experience online, while keeping a personal touch?

Funeral directors have already found huge value in using Arranger Showcase for this very purpose. Ross Anderson, Owner of Andrew Anderson & Sons Funeral Directors, said:

"Showcase's digital catalogue is incredibly useful, given the current circumstances!  I can send it to families that are at risk, limiting physical contact while still giving them the same choice as if they had come to see us in person."

Showcase allows funeral arrangers to present products and services online, and guide families through the entire process, step by step, while ensuring the safety of vulnerable people. By using Showcase’s built in digital catalogue, families can view all of a funeral directors’ products and services, just as they would be able to in a traditional arrangement meeting. 

Even if a family can’t get to a computer screen, a bespoke digital catalogue can be generated instantly from within the software, and emailed to them before a phone call is made. This gives them a clear view of the products on offer, and the funeral director can talk them through each choice directly.

You can be fully up and running with Showcase in days, not weeks. Don’t lose your personal touch - get in touch with us. Call us on 01392 409 760, email us at info@arranger.com or fill in our form at https://arranger.com/contact for more information.