Adapt & THRIVE in the New Normal


To try and share some practical and useful tips on how to THRIVE online, we hosted a webinar for funeral directors, showing them the different ways in which it is possible to ensure their business can be found online. Topics ranged from paid advertising on search engines, to local SEO strategies, to the benefits of appearing on comparison websites.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, how can you deliver a personal service remotely?

One of the most important and valuable services a funeral director provides to bereaved families is simply being there for them when they need it the most. This means that arrangement meetings, where families will often meet their funeral director for the first time, are a hugely significant touchstone.

Personalised funerals don't need to cost more


Funeral costs are in the news again. SunLife published their annual Cost of Dying Report on 6 January 2020, which showed that prices are continuing to rise. Several national newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail, have responded to it by placing the blame on the trend for expensive send-offs.

Are you meeting the changing expectations of the bereaved online?


As the internet becomes an almost universal part of our everyday lives, this is impacting people's behaviours in terms of what they expect from their funeral director. How can the funeral profession evolve its approach and use technology to meet client expectations now, and in the future?

An innovative new way to guide families through personalised options


For many, their idea of how a funeral should be is still rooted in the traditions of the Victorian era, with a church ceremony, religious hymns, black attire and top hats being the norm. While this might still be the preferred approach for many, more and more people are seeking less conventional ways to celebrate the life of their loved in a manner that is entirely individual.